Withh his volunteer of the year award

Andy Ainsworth volunteer with his volunteer of the year award


Mary Ann Volunteer showing children how to make a proddy mat


Ted Reed Volunteer, enacting Carlisle Spedding


Volunteers recieving their Preparing to teach in the life long learning sectorvolunteers


Gerald McGlennon talking to Jac Scott about the life of canaries

1 thought on “Volunteers”

  1. ROBERT CHEN said:

    Dear Staff

    Nice to write you here regarding as the faulty copy which title is called Beckstone Bear’s Puzzle Trail.

    I got this faulty copy which is got from your museum,unluckily I have found page 3 and 4 are totally blank and page 7 and 8 are missing.What a shame.So hopefully I can get a replacement from your museum and do you need this faulty copy send back to you?

    Currently I am travelling in China due to business purpose for a long term period,could you send the replacement to China from the museum?

    Postal Address:
    Attn: Robert Chen
    Room 501,No 32,Nong 1800 Zhen Hua Road.
    Bao Shan District. Postcode: 200436

    Much appreciate for your kind help and looking forward to hearing from you again.

    Best Regards


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