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IMG_4262 Paul Schofield

Paul Schofield was born on the 6th November 1938 in Whitehaven. He lived at Sandwith and moved to Windermere Road, Woodhouse where he spent his formative years. He was educated at Kells infant school, Monkway junior school and completed his education at Kells secondary modern school.

Whilst living in Whitehaven he worked at Haig Pit, Lowca Pit and Egremont iron ore pit.

On leaving Whitehaven he settled in the midlands where he married. He has two daughters.

His painting career began in 1965 and his work has been well received by the public.

Paul has had several exhibitions showing his work. The venues have included The Herbert art gallery, Showcase gallery in Coventry city centre, and Riversly art gallery in Nuneaton. He has also exhibited at Whitehaven Library, Whitehaven community trust and several London galleries have also shown his work. His paintings have been bought world wide by people living in Canada, Australia and Italy to name a few. Paul Schofield has had no formal art training and is a self taught artist. He has been named as one of the top mining artists in the country. Mining art is one of his favourite subjects amongst many other subjects. His work has been used for calendars, greeting cards and Christmas cards. A display of mining paintings is on show at Fairladies guest house in St Bees. Proprietors Will and Nicola Corrie promote the history of mining in the Whitehaven area, a history that should be preserved for future generations.

Paul Schofield is very active in coal mining today. Along with Pamela Telford, manageress of Haig coal mining museum. Both were instrumental in twinning Daw mill in Coventry with the Haig museum. This has been a great success.

Paul Schofield is a regular visitor to Daw Mill and is always made welcome. Daw mill has paintings by him and Haig museum owns an extensive collection of his work.

British heritage have used his work for greetings cards and they were very well received by the public.

Paul Schofield is now working on paintings of today’s miners who are far in advance of any mining he knew. Mining today is really the cutting edge of modern technology.

Paul Schofield is a prolific artist and has studied art and craft in general for over forty five years, yet still says he will be learning his craft till the day he dies.

Coal mining is where his roots are and he is fascinated with mining in all its aspects. He also works to preserve the history of coal mining of yesteryear. Among the charities he supports are Whitehaven community trust run by Mrs. Kerry Maxwell also Haig mining museum run by Pamela Telford.

Now turned seventy, his output of work is still very prolific and he will continue to be as long as his health allows him to continue working.

P.S. In 2010 his painting of Haig Pit, as a working pit, was accepted into the national coalmining museum for England, nr Wakefield Yorkshire.

5 thoughts on “Paul Schofield Art”

  1. aaron Wilson said:

    he has 3 daughters the other one being a talented artist, writer, and photographer, janette purdie remember her???? poor lass you still treat her like crap.

  2. janette purdie said:

    just read the above post and while its true, I am his fristborn daughter, i was born in 1959, im really not fussed, he was never in my life, and i have managed quiet well without him, my kids, and grandchildren dont know of him and its his loss, however i have been in touch with his sister and various cousins and they have all made me feel welcome.

  3. Kurt williams said:

    I came here to see the fine works of my grandfather. Whilst I did accomplish that, I also note the presence of a keyboard warrior/amateur genealogist (under the name of wilson) taking a pop at an old man. That’s a shame.

  4. Ian Whitford said:

    I attended Monkway Rd and Kells Sec Modern schools 1950 to 1956. There was a Paul Schofield and his cousin Sheila Schofield in my class. I remember them both, I enjoyed my life in Whitehaven. The harbour was my special adventure ground. I left Cumbria in 1964 to live and work in the Steel Industry in South Wales. Happy that Paul has made a success of his life. I go back to Cumbria as often as I can, my wife is from Workington, so lots of family up there. If you remember me send me an e-mail, Paul or Sheila.

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