Prince of Wales Visit 1927

June 1927 Edward, Prince of Wales visit prince of wales

Lowther Street Whitehaven                 William Pit


Haig Pit

3 thoughts on “Prince of Wales Visit 1927”

  1. Tom Kirkbride said:

    My Great Grandfather James Hawkins was one of the aged miners presented to The Prince of Wales in 1927. Are there any photos of them in your archives.
    I have a photo of six elderly men sitting beside what could be railway tracks in their finest outfits, Could this be them?

  2. Tom Kirkbride said:

    After a bit more investigation, I have deduced my photo is of the aged miners being presented to the Prince of Wales. the rail track is in fact the red carpet leading to the monument draped in the Union Jack. I My Great Grandfather James Hawkins aged 85 is on the very left of the seated aged miners. If the museum would like a copy of the photo please provide an email address, and I will send a copy.
    Tom Kirkbride
    Melbourne Australia

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