Beckstone Bear Books

Haig Colliery Mining Museum have just published its second childrens
book in the Beckstone Bear series.

Beckstone Bears Puzzle Trail, sees the little bear together with his
trusted dog Belle, discovering the delights of the coastal path from
Whitehaven Harbour to Haig Colliery Mining Museum, taking in all the
heritage landscape and the lovely flora and fauna which has started to
re appear following hundreds of years of heavy industry in the area.

This Beckstone book was part of an Awards For All grant that the
museum recieved to improve access and interest to the museum from the

Written by local teacher Chrissie Clark who teaches reception class at
Beckstone Primary School in Harrington, this is her 3rd book featuring
the schools mascot Beckstone Bear.

Beckstone also appears in the Beckstone Down’t Pit book published
several years ago, seeing Beckstone and his friends visit the mining
museum. Wriitten beautifully in prose Beckstone explores the work of
men and boys underground and what the mums and girls were doing at
home. The book comes with a DVD narrated by The Miners Lamp Theatre

Both books are available from Haig Colliery Mining Museum

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